The Sweet Land

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Cheesier than Cheetos

Good gravy, the production values in Colin Baker’s first season are noticeably worse than the already relatively low bar set by previous seasons. Between the wiggly tongue thing the slug alien keeps doing and the frequently questionable script, “Vengeance on Varos” is landing near the bottom of my list.

Opie on Anthony Cumia Firing: ‘We’re in a Sh*tty Position’

OF COURSE I didn’t find out about this until after I reactivated my XM service with the intention of listening to O&A on my way into work this morning. Good thing there are other channels I like but I’ll probably cancel after my (incredibly cheap) promo period is up given that the primary driver for me having it is gone.

Full House Just Blew My Mind

So Mel and I were randomly watching Full House last night and I realized something that makes the whole show make a lot more sense. I always thought that both Jesse and Joey were Danny’s childhood friends but in the episode Danny said something about Jesse being mad at him for eloping with his sister. I watched that show for years and years and never knew that “Uncle Jesse” was actually legitimately their uncle. Is this news to anyone else or is it just me?