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New Reading List Entry: Isaac Asimov’s Robot City: Book 2 - Suspicion by Mike McQuay

Isaac Asimov's Robot City: Book 2 - SuspicionSuspicion, the second book in Isaac Asimov’s Robot City series, builds nicely on the plot begun in the first book, Odyssey. It manages to be full of action, thought-provoking, a little pulpy, and immensely engaging and readable. It’s very short (only 156 pages) so I plowed through it quickly, but it’s well worth it. The first two books have been good enough that I’ll be picking up the remaining four books in the series on my next trip to McKay’s Used Books.

From the Wikipedia entry for the book:

Derec, who has amnesia, and Katherine have been transported to mysterious planet containing an experimental city entirely populated by robots. The only other human that had resided in the city was murdered several days before their arrival, which was by transport using a mysterious device called theĀ Key of Perihelion. Because they wish to keep secret how they arrived in Robot City, the robots assume either Derec or Katherine committed the murder. Of course, a robot couldn’t do so due to theĀ First Law. Thus, Derec and Katherine must clear their names.